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What Now?!?

Friday, July 27th, 2007

You have recovered your data successfully, but what now?

If the drive was a data drive, you can just format the drive and continue using it if the drive is not physically damaged.

If the drive was your boot drive with your operating system on it, then you will need to reload the operating system. Once the OS has been reinstalled, you can copy the data back to the drive, however you will need to reinstall your programs and you should only copy the data for the programs, not the programs themselves.

If you are not sure of how to format a drive, please read the following (click the pictures for a larger version).

The first thing you will want to do is open Windows Disk Management. To do this, Right Click on My Computer and select Manage. Then find your drive that you need to format.

You will need to right click on the drive and select new partition, or if there is a partition already there, delete it first, then create the new partition, click Next.

This will take you though the New Partition Wizard. When this pops up, click Next.

It will ask you if you want a primary or extended partition. If this is a single drive, you will want a primary, if it is a secondary partition on a single drive, then you will want to make it extended. Since this is a single drive, we will make it a primary partition, click Next.

It will now ask you the size of the partition. We will choose the full size, however if you want more than one partition, you will select less, click Next.

You will now decide what drive letter to use. You can just leave it at the default or choose a custom one, click Next.

You will be given some options here about the file system to use, The allocation unit size and the drive name. The only thing you should change here is the Drive Name. Give it a drive name so you will know what drive it is, like external, or the size of the drive. You should also select to just do a quick format unless you have a reason for doing otherwise, click Next.

The wizard will now show you all the options chosen and ask you to verify them. If everything looks ok, click Next.

The drive will format and show you the drive letter, the name of the drive, the size of the drive and that it is a healthy partition. You can now close the Disk Management window.

If you go to Windows Explorer, you will now see the drive letter and be able to open the drive. If this was your data drive, you can now copy the data that you recovered back into this drive.

There you have it, your drive is now formatted and ready to use again. If you have any questions regarding what you have read, you can contact us by phone at 775-884-3922 or email us at