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Runtime RAID Probe

Tuesday, June 26th, 2007

Runtime Software is proud to announce that we are now offering our customers a RAID Probe. What does this mean for you?

More and more people are setting up raid arrays at home and not realizing the potential for the array to become corrupt or damaged just like an ordinary drive. When that array does down, you can use our RAID Reconstructor to recreate the array to recover the data. If you can not get the software to find your raid parameters because you used a proprietary controller or just do not understand what is happening in the software, you can now let us do the hard part for you.

Be sure you are using the newest version of RAID Reconstructor, click on Tools>Create RAID Probe.

Follow the directions and it will create a zip file once it is done. You can then send the zip file to a local FTP location or contact us for a place to send the file. We will then analyze this probe and attempt to find the parameters for you. Once we determine the parameters, we will send you a Virtual Image file that you load into GetDataBack in order to continue with your recovery. This is a manual service which we charge $299 for. You will only be charged if we find the parameters. Note: RAID Probe is currently only available for NTFS formatted systems.