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Is Doing Data Recovery Easy?

Friday, December 14th, 2007

I recently stumbled upon a review of our software in the December edition of “Smart Computing In Plain English” by Jennifer Farwell. Her bottom line is that our software is not so simple and even gives some ill advice on how to use our software differently than suggested.

Data is very easy to damage and in the “Caveat Emptor” section of her article she complains that you can not install the program on the problematic drive, even if it is functional. She then says if the drive is not crashed, then you can use the software to recover corrupt or deleted data by just installing it to a secondary drive or be prepared to be disappointed. Let me explain this to you right now, DO NOT DO THIS. By doing this, most people assume that they will not write any data to the drive and everything will be fine, just as Jennifer has assumed. However Windows is still working and writing data to the drive. If you do not have enough memory to store all of GetDataBack’s findings, then it will increase the swap file which could destroy GigaBytes of data easily. When you get to step 3 of the software and start to test files, they are being written to the boot drive as temp files, yet destroying more data. Installing the software to a secondary drive is not the correct way and can damage any chance of recovering your data.

Do not take the fast and easy approach or else there is a chance you will not be able to recover your data correctly. It is easy to make the drive a slave in a working system in order to recover the data correctly. We know everyone does not have a hardware background and it may seem overwhelming when you look at it. We will be releasing some video tutorials over the next few weeks on how to open an external drive and install it internally or how to remove your internal drive and install it as a slave in a working secondary machine so you can see how easy it really is. We will post them here when they are available.