Using exclusions in GetDataBack

There are times when you need to do a data recovery without recovering certain data. Lets say your server goes down and you need to do a data recovery. Now you happen to have about 3GB of text file or log files that keep track of your server statistics that you do not need to recover. You can exclude those files easily in the software before, or even after you scan the drive.

From step 1 or step 2, click on Tools>Options and in the bottom right hand corner, you will see the option that says Excluded files. From there you can exclude any file type you like. For example, if you want to exclude log and text files you simply enter: ‘*.log; *.txt’. Then when you get to step 3 you will see that those files are no longer in the recovery tree. You can also exclude files by the first characters as well. For example if you want to exclude all jpg files that start with a number you can enter: ’0*.jpg; 1*.jpg; 2*.jpg;’. You can do the same thing with alpha characters; ‘a*.jpg; b*.jpg;’.

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