Data Encryption in Data Recovery and DriveImage XML…

Here is a questions we get all the time, “Why can’t I extract a working copy of my encrypted data from my recovery or my DriveImage?

Recovering encrypted data with GetDataBack…

This can be answered with a question: Why did you encrypt your data? The answer induces anger in most people because they do not think it through before they encrypt their data. The answer is ‘because I do not want anyone getting access to my data’. That is the entire point of encrypting your data, so no one can get access to it. Computers do not have self awareness, they do not look through their own monitor and say “Oh, its my owner, give them access to the data.“, Once you lose a partition table, or suffer file system damage, GetDataBack can not recover encrypted data because of the exact reason you encrypted it in the first place, so someone can not get access to your data, including yourself. You might be able to send the drive to a hardware recovery company like DriveSavers and have them do it by hand and recover the encryption key and apply the key to the files and recover them.

Extracting encrypted data with DriveImage XML…

When you are using DriveImage XML and trying to extract a file that is encryted, it will give you the message telling you it can not extract encrypted data. This is because the software does not look for the encryption key, it just does not let you copy the data. However if you restore the image to a drive and boot from it, you can have access to that data again because the key is restored and the data matches the key as it did when you made the image.


If you decide to encrypt your data, keep a backup of it in a safe place. You can not use DriveImage if you want to extract files from the image at a later time without restoring the entire drive. Put it on an external drive that you keep in a safe or keep it on a CD or DVD that you can hide someplace as well. If you need data recovery for encrypted data, it will be expensive and time consuming.

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