Some info for people using Shadow Copy and Windows XP…

Here is some good information for people using Shadow Copy and Windows XP. You can avoid having to reactivate XP by simply copying a file from your Windows directory and saving it on a USB stick, floppy drive, or CD. When you first activated Windows, XP creates a file called “WPA.DBL” and stores it in the C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 directory.
Open Windows Explorer and click Tools>Folder Options
Click the view tab, select the following options
Go to the Windows\System32 folder and copy the wba.dbl file and save it a CD, floppy, or USB drive.
Now you can use Shadow Copy to copy the OS to another drive. Once it is done, boot into safe mode.
Click yes that you know you are in safe mode
Open Windows Explorer and go to the Windows\system32 folder, rename the exsisting file to wba.old and paste the saved file back into the folder.

Reboot and you do not need to reactivate windows.

Remember that this will only work if you use the WPA.DBL file on the same computer that it was originally activated on. If you install XP on a different machine and try to copy the WPA.DBL file there, it won’t activate. Basically, XP looks at the hardware of the computer to create a unique profile for just that one computer. If you change the hardware to many times, it will also not work as activation looks for hardware changes as well. This should easily work for a single drive change though.

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