Captain Nemo vs GetDataBack for NTFS

When recovering the data after Raid Reconstructor has finished and you have a virtual image, we give people two options; You can use GetDataBack for NTFS or you can use Captain Nemo.

If your controller card went out or you had a drive physically fail in a raid 5, then you can generally use Captain Nemo. Captain Nemo is a file system mounter. It’s only job is to mount the file system. If your file system is in good shape, then you will see your data and directory structures almost immediately and copy them at that point. If the file system is damaged, then Nemo will give you an error about the partition or file system and will not present you with any of your data.

This is where GetDataBack comes in. GetDataBack is a data recovery tool.

  • If you need to recover deleted files, then you must use GetDataBack.
  • If your file system is damaged, then you must use GetDataBack.
  • If Captain Nemo give you any problems at all, then use GetDataBack to recover your data.
  • If you see your data in Captain Nemo but can not see the files you are looking for, use GetDataBack.

Here is a breakdown of the differences between GetDataBack and Captain Nemo. You can easily see where and when you would want to use GetDataBack vs Captain Nemo.

Captain Nemo
Shows deleted files
Shows Lost Files
Recovers from damaged file systems
Immediate Recovery

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