Why is there no “verify” in DriveImage XML?

Many user are asking us if there is a “verify” for a backup created in DriveImage XML. There isn’t, and this is for good reasons.

Let’s think for a second what a verify should do. It should confirm that the content of a backup is identical with the original data. It should also confirm that the backup files were written correctly to the media.

A backup program doing a verify can only compare what it thinks the data is to what it thinks the data in the backup is. Suppose the backup program makes a mistake when it first writes the backup. It will make the same mistake again once it verifies the backup. Therefore, you should never trust a backup program’s own verify. The only proper and recommended way to verify a backup is to restore it to a new disk.

Comparing backup and original data is not even possible because DriveImage XML uses VSS “hot-imaging”. This means the data is no longer the same an instance after the backup started.

As for the verification the backup files being written without error to the hard drive, with today’s hard drive technology it makes no sense to re-read data written to a disk, as this is verified on a hardware level. There is no need for a program to engage in such a time-consuming task.

You should only trust a backup you have been able to restore, and where a compare of the original drive with the restored drive is satisfactory.

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