Case Study #1 – Recovering from a deleted partition

We are going to be starting a new series here at Runtime Software; Case Studies. Real life data recovery scenario’s that we can hopefully help you with.

Case Study #1 – Recovering from a deleted partition

  • Hard Drive: secondary drive – 128GB SSD with music on it.
  • Operating System: Windows 7 – 32bit
  • Software used: GetDataBack for NTFS
  • Chance of Recovery: 100% as long as nothing else was written to the drive
  • Notes: This drive is the secondary drive. If the drive you need to recover is your primary drive, that will be covered in a future case study

Steps to take

  1. Download GetDataback for NTFS from our website at
  2. Be sure to run the software as Administrator (right click on the GetDataBack icon and select Run As Administrator).
  3. In the first step of the software, select Quick Scan.
  4. Select your physical drive from the list of available drives and click Next. If you do not see your drive, close the software and see step 2 again.
  5. When you get to step 2, select the top file system and click Next.
  6. In step 3, you should be able to see your files that were in your partition. You have the ability to open them and test them, however in order to save your files, you will need to purchase the software from our website at

Notes: The software can not fix or repair your drive. You will need another place to save the data to. This can be another internal drive or even an external USB for Firewire drive. You will need to purchase the software before you save the data. The demo allows you to ensure the files are recoverable before you need to make a purchase.

If you run into problems with any of these steps, let us know right away so we can help you.

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