The New Captain Nemo Pro…

We have now released Captain Nemo Pro version 4.0. This is not the Nemo you are used to. You can now mount a reconstructed RAID in seconds, saving many hours over scanning the image in GetDataBack. Captain Nemo can still mount Linux and Netware devices.

Lets take a quick walk through the process.

You will need to start with RAID Reconstructor.

Now you will need to start Captain Nemo Pro Version 4.0.

Open a few files in order to test them. The fact that you see the folders, files, file names, the right file size, etc. is a good sign but does not necessarily mean that the file content is there and those files will be usable. You will not be able to test huge files or files that need to be imported correctly into their native application, like for example, Outlook PST files.

Select files that are easy to check – for example Word documents, pictures, or mp3. Open these files by double clicking them or by using the built-in viewer(F3). Please note: To open files by double clicking them, their associated application needs to be installed on the recovery computer.

Do the files open fine. meaning you can see the file content, the text, picture?
If so repeat the same process with a couple of more files in different folders.
If all or at least the majority of files open okay, your recover is looking good.

You should purchase the software from our website and copy the data to a different drive.

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