Scanning the image from RAID Reconstructor

Now we will look at how to scan that image that was made using RAID Reconstructor in the previous post. An image is just a file copy of a physical drive. There is no difference in scanning a physical drive over scanning an image, they contain exactly the same data.

Start GetDataBack for NTFS and from the Welcome screen, choose what type of recovery you want to do and click next. You will now be presented with the available drives to scan for recovery. Under the physical drives and logical drives, you will see the option that says Image Files (load more…). You can click on Load More and you will be presented with a select file box. You can then browse to your image and select it to open that image as the drive to scan. Once you have done this, click next in the bottom right hand corner to scan the image in the exact same way as a physical drive.

Please watch the tutorial for more information and detail on how to do this exactly. If you have any questions, feel free to email us at

Watch the tutorial

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