Why does your software crash under Vista or Server 2008?

This is because of our copy protection. There is an easy way to fix this though inside Vista and Server 2008.

When you start our software in Vista or Server 2008, you may get a screen that looks like this:

Click on the option to close the program. Then to fix this, you need to go to your run command and type the following:

You will be given the System Properties box. Click on Advanced -> Performance Settings:

You will then arrive at Performance Options. Click on Data Execution Prevention:

Click the add button and path to whatever version of our software you are using. We used RAID Reconstructor in this case. RAID Reconstructor should be C:\Program Files\Runtime Software\RAID Reconstructor\raid.exe. All of our software will be found in C:\Program Files\Runtime Software\.

Once RAID Reconstructor is in the list, click OK to close the Performance Options and OK again to close System Properties

Go ahead and start any of our software, and it should work with no problems now.

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